Barry Whitworth


We were told many stories after Blaine's passing about the special things he took the opportunity to help people he knew and didn't know. He bought a camera for his high school, airlines tickets for someone to go home and money to the headstart program. He took people into his home that needed a hand up. After hearing these stories we knew we needed to do something to carry on the charitable activities Blaine did as he grew as a young man in his community. Founding and serving on the Board for his Foundation gives us this opportunity.

Tucker Whitworth

Vice President

It means everything to me to be able to carry on my brother's legacy through this foundation. Blaine was an individual who worked harder than anyone I've met to make a difference in the community, and I am grateful to help others through this foundation.

Diane Whitworth


Blaine was a person that carried a passion for helping others and while he had prided himself in being a strong person on the outside, he was truly very sentimental on the inside. We found a thank you note he wrote to his Grandma Cleo when he graduated from high school that ended with, "I'm going to do great things". It is my belief that through the Foundation, we can continue making a difference in the community by helping other people to honor Blaine's life and carry out his promise, "to do great things"!

Cheryl Glazier


I am honored to be a member of the Blaine Whitworth Foundation. I have known Blaine since he was born. I have known both of his parents for a long time; Barry & I have been friends since jr. high. Diane & I met our freshmen year at CMSU/UCM & have been best friends ever since. I am truly blessed to call them more than friends, they are family. Blaine truly was the best part of both of his parents; hard-working, smart, funny, quick-witted, a little bit ornery & always giving back! I am so sad that we weren't able to see what he would have accomplished in his life. I believe I was asked to be on the Board because of the trust that Barry, Diane & the Whitworth family have in me. Because of our lifelong friendship they know that I will work hard to continue Blaine's legacy

Dan Ream

Board Member

Being asked to be on the board by the Whitworth family was a huge honor. Barry and Diane wanted some one around Blaine's age and who he was good friends with to be on the board to help with the younger generation's perspective and some one who could help bring Blaine's ideas and desire's to the Foundation, and to our future endeavors. Working with the Blaine Whitworth Foundation from the very start has been a wonderful and humbling experience. We strive to keep Blaine's memory alive, and also his commitment to helping other's and "Giving Back to the Community". Blaine was a great guy and friend of mine. Being a part of the Foundation is a way to ease the hurt of losing a great friend, but also making sure the man that touched and did so much for others is not forgotten. Blaine may no longer be with us, but his passion has motivated a strong group of people to make sure we continue his mission and that is very satisfying.

Vince Bertucci

Board Member

It means a lot to be on this board, particularly because it stands for everything that Blaine was. It's a continuation of the legacy he left on people. It gives me and the rest of the board the opportunity to keep helping make that little difference in the world, just as Blaine did. I came to be on the board being great friends with Blaine. We really connected when I moved away to Florida and we talked just about everyday. We continued our growing friendship when I returned to Missouri and grew that friendship with his family. Everyday I strive to be half the person he was, not only with humanity, but also work ethic, and friendship.

Bert Lyon

Board Member

Blaine’e dedication to his Community and Warrensburg fulfilled through the foundation, find creative ways to assist young entrepreneurs, provide athletic opportunities/camps to children. Specializes in local fundraising.

Corby Suptic

Board Member

I was 10 years old when this little red headed boy came into my life. Through the years of watching my little brother grow into a young man, it became clear to me that he was a very special person. Blaine had a passion & a vision to change things in his community. He wanted to make a difference in people's lives. It was inspiring to watch him become a self-less human being with a true mission to help others. As Blaine's sister, I was and still am proud to tell people about some of the special things Blaine was doing for others. To be on the board of the Blaine Whitworth Foundation means I can now help to carry out Blaine's dreams to make this world a better place.

Randy Suhr

Board Member

My position on the board is one I hold in great honor. Blaine chose me to be his friend, he demanded that I be his friend. I had a very special and interesting relationship with Blaine. I have found that to be true of all relationships that Blaine appeared to have with most everyone. Each relationship that Blaine had with someone was unique in their own way. I treasure the memories and times that I spent with Blaine... I hope that we can do all things good in his honor. I don't think that we even as a collective group will be able to accomplish what that boy/man was going to do in a lifetime. Blaine inspired me in life and certainly continues to inspire me daily. I came to the board at the request of the Whitworth family. I hope that my presence on the board is always for the continuation of the dreams and works of Blaine. I am very honored to be a part of all that we hope to accomplish in Blaine's name.

Herb Turnbow

Board Member

Having the opportunity to serve on the Foundation Board provides me with a way to support and continue the ways in which Blaine had come to be known for helping other people. Seeing how people are being provided with education assistance and growth opportunities is a great way to honor his memory.

Mike Bodenhamer

Board Member

As the original owner of Bodies, I had the opportunity to mentor Blaine as he started his business. As he worked in the business and community, I realized how special a person he was and serving on the Board, reminds me of that.

Ron Umphenour

Board Member

When I first met Blaine I was immediately impressed with his entrepreneurial spirit, dedication to his friends and family, and generous compassion to those in need. It is my privilege to serve on the Blaine Whitworth Foundation and continue the giving tradition of Blaine and his family. We will work to continue making a difference in the lives of others, just as Blaine would have.

Jessica Lewis

Board Member

Being on this Board is giving me a chance to give back to the community, where I spent so many years and met some amazing people. Blaine was one of those amazing people and anyone who knew him, knew how great and giving he was. He had a big heart, big ideas, and wanted to “Make a Difference in his Community” and he sure did! The GBGH Foundation has been trying to fill Blaine’s shoes in doing that honor by giving back to the community to help others as much as we can with scholarships, donations, support, and bringing people together. It is an honor to be a part of this foundation, a place where we all come together so one man’s legacy can live on.